Level 1, 3 Hamilton Place, Mount, Waverley. Victoria 3149, Australia.

Company Achievements

Australian utilities preferred suppliers of high voltage –11KV to 800KV instrument transformers and dis-connector for 20 years.

Secure period contracts with all utilities in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji up-to 2022

Reliable , reputed, specialised high voltage equipment suppliers

EPCI is an ISO 9001 certified company since 2013

Commissioning 50 MW rental Power Plant in Bangladesh,

33 kV Turnkey Sub-Station projects in Fiji

Installation, testing, commissioning of 30MW Diesel Fired Power Plant in Cook Island, New Zealand.

CIGRE membership since 1999

Customer Product Details Period contracts
Ausgrid 66kV / 132kV IVTs 2017-2019
AusNet Services 66kV-362kV CTs / 66kV – 500kV CVTs / 66kV IVTs 2017-2022
Energy QLDErgon Energy 36kV/66kV/132kV & 220kV CTs 2017-2020
Energy QLD Energex 24kV/36kV/66kV VTs & 66kV/132kV/220kV CVTs 2017-2020
Endeavour Energy 33kV/66kV/132kV CTs & VTs 2012-2020
Essential Energy 66kV / 110kV/132kV IVTs 2017-2019
Essential Energy 66kV / 110kV/132kV IVTs 2016-2019
Powercor 66kV Voltage Transformers 2013 on going
TransGrid 66kV-362kV CT/CVT & 66/132kV IVT 2017-2021
Transpower – New Zealand 66kV/110kV/220kV CTs 2017-2019
Transpower – New Zealand 220kV CVTs 2017-2018
Tas Networks 110kV/220kV CVTs 2017-2020
Western Power 36kV to 145kV CTs, 145kV CITs, 145/362kV PVTs 2017-2022
Western Power 72.5kV to 362kV VTs (Secondary preferred Vendor) 2017-2022
Western Power 72.5kV to 362kV Disconnectors 2017-2018