Level 1, 3 Hamilton Place, Mount, Waverley. Victoria 3149, Australia.

Hapam Disconnectors

  • Independent disconnector manufacturer
  • Founded in 1925, more then 80 years of experience.
  • 15 000 m2 manufacturing facilities
  • 90 qualified employees
  • Disconnectors ranging from 36 kV to 800 kV are installed in over 100 countries. A large number of disconnectors still are in service for more than 40 years
  • Hapam has a capacity to produce 3000 disconnectors per year
  • ISO 9001-1994 certified by KEMA/NL
  • Type test certificates available from international testing laboratories
  • HAPAM maintains a constantly updated Education Programme to improve the skills and know-how of its employees
  • Hapam is in continuous process to implement new techniques and materials to improve the quality and reliability of the equipment and to keep it in compliance with the ever improving standards and customer specifications.

HAPAM are independent World Class manufacturer of Disconnectors Voltage range from 33kV- 800kV from Netherlands, with manufacturing centres based in Poland& Vietnam.

Disconnector Technical Parameters

Centre-Break Disconnectors Type SSBII
72,5 kV – 8OO kV
1600 A – 4000 A
Double-Break Disconnectors Type SSB3III
72,5 kV – 8OO kV
1250 A – 4000 A
Vertical-Break Disconnectors Type VSSBIII
123 kV – 8OO kV
1600 A – 4000 A
Pantograph Disconnectors Type GSSB
123 kV – 8OO kV
2000 A – 4000 A
Horizontal Break Knee Type Disconnectors VKSBIII
245 kV – 8OO kV
2000 A – 4000 A
  Free standing or integrated Earthing Switches Type ASB and AM
72,5 kV – 8OO kV
  Varions types of motor and mannal operating mechanisms  
Accessoires: Bus transfer contacts Vacmam interrupters Terminal connectors Arcing horns and contacts Supporting structures