Level 1, 3 Hamilton Place, Mount, Waverley. Victoria 3149, Australia.

Development of Smart Transformers and Integrated Remote Power Management Solutions

  1. Improved the Design of Pressure Switch Sensor acting as condition monitoring device for the Australian utilitiesupgrading to SMART Grid protocols.
  2. Developed technically advanced On Line Condition Monitoring Device on New Oil Filled Instrument Transformers with the R&D team within Koncar.Tested successfully at Koncar factory in Zagreb
  3. Undertook R&D involving other Power system equipment monitoring devices mounted on Wilson Power Transformers, ABB- 33kV Gas Insulated Switchgear
  4. Digital Communication between Protection devised and customer specific central SCADA &substation automation equipment from SEL Australia.
  5. Explosion prevention with over pressure switch preventing explosion and unplanned black-out of
    energy due to internalfailure of instrument transformer in service.

Technical data of switch:

– operation pressure 0.8 to 1.2 bars

– normal position of contact open

– operation voltage up to 48V DC

– power 5 VA

– working temperature -50 to 140oC

– maximum operation pressure 6 bars

– electric contact made of brass silver coated

– protective cap made of silicon rubber